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Concrete Waste Minimisation Project, Wellington

06 Oct 2018

Faced with a burgeoning volume of material from buildings and infrastructure being demolished in the aftermath of the November 2016 Kaikoura earthquake, the port determined that opting not to recycle and reuse would have significant financial as well as environmental costs.

Hence, the “Waste Minimisation Project” was devised at the nearby Kaiwharawhara Point reclamation, which involves clean fill concrete from the port being stockpiled for processing into gravel and then returned for use in a range of purposes.

The approach CentrePort has taken avoids the costs incurred in removal, disposal and having to source gravel for use for the regeneration work on port. The project goal is for none of the waste concrete material to leave the port and to instead be all reused. The environmental savings are significant.

As of August 2018, this year 15,657 cubic metres of concrete had been recycled and used on port, equating to 4,131 truck movements. This removed approximately 2,750 truck hours off the road (based on transporting the material to a landfill). This equates to approx. 295 tonnes of CO2 or equivalent to 147 Pinus radiata trees net sequestration over a 28-year growth period.


CentrePort’s decision to take responsibility for processing and reusing (on-site) its own building waste following earthquake necessitated demolition deserves applause for its stewardship and foresight; more so as access to virgin aggregates becomes increasingly difficult. The stringent requirement to remove other recyclable materials as well as contaminants from the demolition concrete means additional praise is deserved. While not necessarily unique, the recycling initiative is being conducted proactively, in ‘full-view’ and on a scale that is significant. CentrePort’s ‘ownership’ of the issue over the long-term is admirable, and their position as sustainability leaders in terms of responsible port regeneration is an example to others and worthy of recognition.

SUBMITTED BY CentrePort Wellington