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Elmstone House, Auckland

02 Sep 2011

The architect’s brief was to provide a family home on a suburban a site that splays out from the end of a quiet Auckland cul-de-sac and slopes steeply away towards the North. A heavy emphasis was placed on maximising open outdoor areas.

The strategy adopted was to build a house which took up the smallest possible space on the steep section ensuring ample ground was left for the young children to play on. To achieve this, while still allowing a sense of spaciousness, living areas are arranged vertically over three levels, each with its own distinct outlook toward a garden and pool. The home is enclosed beneath a single sloped roof, which allows variation of floor and ceiling levels to individualise the spatial experience throughout.

Precast concrete walls and simple concrete floors play against the sophisticated yet subtle detailing of more traditional residential finishes. The placement of exposed concrete elements within the home contributes to a thermal mass that absorbs the heat from plentiful northern and eastern sun. The combination of glazing and concrete mass regulates internal temperature fluctuations, to provide a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient internal living environment.

Social and economic efficiency are achieved through the use of precast concrete elements, which allowed for rapid construction on-site, and a durable family home such as this through being a robust, low maintenance material. The natural textures of concrete allow a open interior configuration with unique light qualities for the family’s enjoyment.

Daniel Marshall of Daniel Marshall Architects accepts the Excellence in
Residential Concrete Construction Award from CCANZ CEO Rob Gaimster