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The PRIDE, East Tamaki

05 Sep 2008

The inaugural Concrete³ Sustainability Award was presented to Mainzeal Property & Construction, in partnership with Holcim (New Zealand), a special concrete mix was developed for Lion Nathan’s new integrated manufacturing and warehousing facility in East Tamaki (The Pride) which made extensive use of recycled glass as aggregate.

Directed by the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD) the project team identified a natural synergy between Lion Nathan as a beverage manufacturer and collective concerns about Auckland’s large stockpiles of waste glass, as well as acknowledging the region’s acute shortage of locally produced aggregate.

Following a rigorous research and testing programme, concerns about the potential for alkali silica reaction (ASR) were eased, and a high-strength concrete mix containing recycled glass as aggregate was achieved. Other challenges that needed to be overcome during the development stage included glass contamination, grading curve selection, crushing cost management, and procurement of a suitable glass stockpile.

Recycled glass as aggregate in concrete has been used throughout The Pride in the substructure concrete, selected floor slabs and precast panels, and trench backfill, pipe bedding and sand blinding – all to glittering effect. By embracing the principles of sustainable development as key to business success, and working hard on modifying attitudes to accommodate the extensive use of recycled glass as aggregate in concrete, The Pride has literally paved the way for the wider implementation of this exciting technology.

“Winning the Concrete³ Sustainability Award was a huge honour for Mainzeal. It is certainly in line with what we are trying to achieve with respect to our strategic business objectives, as well as being timely in the sense that sustainability is now a genuine business concern.”

Ross Copland, Sustainability Manager, Mainzeal Property & Construction


 The 2008 Supreme Concrete3 Sustainability Award is presented by CCANZ CEO Patrick McGuire to Jeremy Smith of Holcim (New Zealand), Ross Copland of Mainzeal Property and Construction and Steve Jackson of Holcim (New Zealand)