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Recycled Glass Sand Initiative

15 Oct 2012

With funding assistance from the Ministry for the Environment, Allied Concrete has converted three plants to handle crushed glass as a sand replacement in a selection of lower strength mixes.

Allied Concrete is currently collecting all of the glass from the Kapiti District and back-loading it to Wellington for processing and use at their Kiwi Point plant.  At the same time, glass collected in the Southland region is processed and used in both Invercargill and Wanaka.

In Nelson, Allied Concrete are pre-blending glass sand and natural sand, then running it through their satellite plant as a standalone operation, while they will soon start using sand at their Penrose plant that is manufactured from waste collected in the greater Auckland area.

The environmental benefits resulting from the kerbside collection, processing and use of waste glass in concrete include landfill life extension, reduced transportation of recycled materials and conservation of natural resources.

In terms of social sustainability, the initiative involves a significant marketing element that raises awareness of recycling glass through advertising, as well as acknowledging home builders whose slabs include a proportion of crushed glass.

From an economic standpoint the cost of concrete production is reduced through minimising the amount of raw materials processed.  In addition, stockpiling the material prior to and after crushing has eliminated the need for expensive washing and classifying.

By committing to the efficient and effective use of recycled glass as an on-going business practice, Allied Concrete have demonstrated true sustainability that yields benefits for everyone.

Bob Officer of Allied Concrete Ltd accepts the Excellence in Concrete
Innovation Award from CCANZ Chair Ross Pickworth