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Carlaw Park Student Village

01 Oct 2015

Part of the Carlaw Park master plan, the new Carlaw Park Student Accommodation Campus, Stage 1, for the University of Auckland, helps refresh a forgotten area of Auckland.  Critical to the revitalisation were sustainable design principles.

The campus consists of self contained apartments with communal lounges, study spaces and amenities for all students. Four building blocks are carefully orientated to maximise city and park views, and shrouds a central outdoor plaza for student gatherings.

Each building was modulated by breaking it into three 'blocks' with the two end blocks being finished as monolithic and textured Monarc precast concrete finishes. The contrasting facades create interest and variance, helping to reduce the bulk and mass of the site. 

The new campus buildings are orientated with the main mass facing against the northern and eastern boundaries following the natural land form and capturing the sun’s heat. High levels of wall and roof insulation combine with concrete’s thermal mass to minimise temperature fluctuations.

Studies were undertaken of internal noise control requirements, with acoustic controls being applied to all inter-tenancy walls as well as floors and ceilings to provide a better internal environment for the tenants.

The use of concrete provided considerable efficiency in construction, spectacular architectural appeal, and excellent thermal benefits, while also providing a low maintenance schedule that allows the buildings to age gracefully, with minimal on-going costs.