Concrete Road Barriers

The benefits of concrete road barriers make them a suitable and affordable alternative to wire median barriers.  Concrete road barriers can easily meet the performance criteria required for New Zealand’s roading infrastructure, as evidenced by recent developments from overseas.

Developed in the Netherlands, the Concrete Step Barrier (CSB) has proven successful in preventing dangerous motorway accidents where the central barriers have failed to restrain a crashing vehicle from crossing over into the face of oncoming traffic.*  Their profile design minimises injury by redirecting the vehicle along the direction of the flow of traffic.

Concrete barriers also require less working width in the central reserve than other barrier systems, allowing motorway lanes to be increased in number without major planning and traffic disruption.

A whole-of-life cost analysis carried out by the UK Highways Agency, which has recently specified CSB, concluded that the it offered substantial benefits in terms of safety and cost.  CSB is designed to achieve an essentially maintenance free serviceable life of not less than 50 years.

*Munn, C. (2006). Concrete road barriers key to safety on roads. Concrete, 50(1), 4.