Concrete for a Sustainable World - film

Wishing to take its message “to the next level”, Concrete3 has chosen the power and versatility of film to engage with a wider and more diverse audience.

The outcome is Concrete for a Sustainable World – an engaging short film that demonstrates how concrete provides solutions for the built environment that help New Zealand achieve sustainable development.

The ten-minute film, fronted by Samantha Jukes, uses sight, sound and motion to make a personal connection with the viewer in order to deliver the Concrete3 message.

By using film to highlight innovations and efficiencies in concrete’s manufacture, along with its inherent attributes in a range of applications, Concrete for a Sustainable World seeks to create an emotional response within each viewer that motivates a more balanced understanding of concrete’s sustainability.

The short film has been divided in to five sections for easy online viewing.  Each section is accessible via its link in the menu to the screen's left.

We hope you enjoy watching Concrete for a Sustainable World.