30 Mar 2008 - Allied Concrete has invested in new recycling technologies to achieve high environmental production standards. At the same time, Allied has also conducted research into the use of waste stream materials and cement replacements to further reduce its environmental impact.
29 Mar 2008 - Mix design "M” was used in the T-Roff beams for the Tauranga Harbour Link Stage 2. The beams are located in a severe marine environment and must meet a 100-year design life. Among many sustainable features, Mix "M" achieved stringent durability, early strength and workability targets.
28 Mar 2008 - Collected and sorted by 3R Group Ltd from product returned to Resene Colour Centres, under their PaintWise scheme, PaintCreteTM aims to eliminate 200,000 litres of waste, water-based paint from entering New Zealand landfills by using it to enhance the performance of concrete.
26 Mar 2008 - STRUX 90/40 – a synthetic macro fibre reinforcement – can help reduce the carbon footprint of reinforced concrete floors and slabs in comparison to those containing steel. Eliminating the manual handling of of steel reinforcement also minimises the risk of injury during construction.
25 Mar 2008 - Holcim New Zealand launched its new training DVD "Everyone's Business" in 2007. The 12-minute DVD aims to demonstrate to new staff that the responsibility for environmental issues is an expectation for managers, as well as every Holcim employee and contractor.
24 Mar 2008 - Betocarb is a fine calcium carbonate designed to maximize the cost effectiveness of concrete mixes. Only 0.13 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of Betocarb is produced during manufacture. So with up to a 30% cement replacement possible using Betocarb the carbon footprint of concrete can be lowered.
23 Mar 2008 - The Lime Green Barrier (LGB) is an innovative barrier system that combats various forms of pollution such as sound generated by trains and cars, vehicular exhaust emissions, high pH from water run-off as well as graffiti. The LGB also incorporates residual concrete.

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