30 Mar 2010 - The development and supply of recycled aggregate concrete mix for the Rosedale tunnel and outfall posed many challenges. To overcome these a low strength flowable mix, containing 20mm recycled crushed concrete aggregate blended with recycled concrete fines, was developed.
29 Mar 2010 - Ultracure's biodegradable single-use wet curing blankets enhance the long-term environmental impact of wet curing products. The blankets feature natural cellulose fibres that effectively trap water, provide thorough hydration, less discolouration and a more evenly cure concrete slab.
28 Mar 2010 - The 4km Mt Roskill section of the SH20 is an excellent example of how functional concrete structures fit harmoniously into the environment. In addition to design, management and construction excellence, the project demonstrated a commitment to sustainable practices.
27 Mar 2010 - The new classrooms at St Matthew’s School in Hastings optimise the Northern aspect for solar gain and the pleasant outlook. Thermomass precast insulated walls were selected for thermal mass energy storage, and their ability to be manufactured away from the school site.
26 Mar 2010 - The existing trunk sewer network that runs along the East Coast Bays foreshore was encased in a new concrete wave energy dissipation structure which was formed using sprayed concrete to match the shape and colour of the cliffs immediately behind the sewer.
25 Mar 2010 - This solid concrete retaining wall used reusable timber formwork to create a unique, non-uniform, high-quality surface finish, while at the same time managing the demands of self-compacting concrete and meeting tight structural requirements on a difficult site.
24 Mar 2010 - The clean, uncluttered outline of 116m long reinforced concrete Hillcrest Bridge belies its complexity. A top-down construction method facilitated the handling of materials, enabling construction and safety improvements, as well as cost-savings due to convenience of access.
23 Mar 2010 - Villa Veneer is a new product, manufactured by Viblock Ltd, which will enhance the look of any home. With a great combination of appearance and durability, few materials offer the look of traditional weatherboard, together with the peace of mind that comes with using a masonry product.

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