16 Oct 2015 - This stunning house incorporates concrete floors to both levels and is totally clad in precast concrete. Some internal balustrade walls in large cantilevers to hold the flooring in the double height atrium spaces. The planning is carefully oriented on three axis to gather solar gain and provide views.
16 Oct 2015 - This all concrete tilt panel home, 850m2 in size, began with a brief to design a modern home using concrete for structural capacity and thermal efficiency. The house had to frame an inner courtyard to maximize outdoor living, and all living spaces had to encompass views of Lucas Creek.
16 Oct 2015 - This project saved the existing 283 room hotel from demolition – in so doing diverting over 10,000m3 of waste. By using the existing concrete structure 1500m3 of concrete was recycled. By strengthening the building much needed accommodation was delivered to Central City Christchurch.
16 Oct 2015 - Utilising the skills of one of Australasia’s best skate bowl designers, this Wanaka development saw a unique cloverleaf shaped bowl integrated into an existing facility. The combination of form and function may only be eclipsed by the durability of concrete and its low maintenance demand.
16 Oct 2015 - This challenging project involved constructing layered concrete in an historic Central Auckland community playground ahead of it's 100 year anniversary. Bringing the innovative design to life combined complex formwork, bespoke playground installations, lighting and landscape revitalisation.
16 Oct 2015 - The continued success of Avondale College's academic, cultural and sporting programmes is underpinned by this new purpose built facility. The aspirations of durability, flexible spaces, intriguing aesthetic and thermal efficiency have been realised through the use of concrete.
16 Oct 2015 - Made from locally abundant aggregates, sands, cements and oxides, Monarc's natural ingredients combined with the many processes of its manufacture to create a naturally harmonic product. Monarc contains organic uniqueness that remind us just how beautiful nature truly is.

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