30 Nov 2016 - Over an 18-month period Allied Concrete has (in partnership with Resene Paints and as part of an ongoing research programme) diverted 20,000 litres of waste paint from landfills or waste water systems, substituting manufactured air entrainers with what was otherwise a waste product.
29 Nov 2016 - The Beast is an innovative screeding and forming system for concrete slabs on grade and elevated slabs. It offers a fixed elevation, point to point screeding system that eliminates the need to re-check levels, while its edge forming system resists deflection from the lateral pressure of the concrete.
28 Nov 2016 - This fully insulated cast in place concrete home is located north of Auckland. Its enhanced warmth and quietness are the result of every wall being solid concrete. The wall structure of the house is formed using specially designed aluminium shutters, and is cast in two single pours.
25 Nov 2016 - This pre-cast concrete dwelling was erected next to Wellington Harbour to replace its storm damage timber-framed predecessor. The brief required the balance of nautical elements with strength to withstand wild seas. 'Performance' meant endurance, sustainability and low maintenance.
24 Nov 2016 - Firth Industries' product range, with its Greenstar concrete mix and Firth Holland Paver in a municipal grade for higher traffic zones, was chosen to help attain the 5 Star Greenstar rating for this brand new junior high school located in the north-east of Hamilton.
23 Nov 2016 - Firth Industries fast tracked the manufacture and delivery of their FlowPave (Black Sands) paver to meet the tight deadlines required for New Zealand’s first 10 Star Homestar home in Christchurch. FlowPave was chosen as it has an enlarged nib on all sides which creates good drainage capability.
22 Nov 2016 - The Firth Industries Keystone KeySteel System® was a vital component of the 16km long Cambridge section of the Waikato Expressway, offering a range of cost and performance benefits. Not only was the performance of Keysteel® considered but so was its aesthetic appeal.
21 Nov 2016 - This solution to the problem of building on liquefaction prone soils suspends a floor slab 500mm above ground level on a concrete perimeter foundation, and uses an external cantilever system that removes the need for internally accessed re-levelling systems.
20 Nov 2016 - The Museum of Waitangi adopts designs from adjacent buildings - relating the building to the surrounding landscape. Locally sourced black oxide precast concrete panels provide a stable thermal mass envelope and a permanent durable finish to the building’s exterior.
03 Nov 2016 - This impressive house boasts terrazzo concrete in the entry, fireplace mantels and hearths, as well as a concrete Cupolex floor system on the lower floor and tray deck on the upper floor. Double skin brick forms the main structural walls providing an even ambient temperature throughout the seasons.

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