Ultra-high Strength Cement Materials

Recent developments in ultra-high strength cement materials have enabled the realisation of slender and more elegant forms, more visually appealing surface finishes, and lighter and more durable materials with longer service lives and lower maintenance costs.

Construction materials developed using ultra-high strength cement possess a unique combination of superior strength (compressive and flexural), ductility, aesthetic properties and durability.  This enables the equivalent mechanical and load-bearing performance of conventionally built structures to be achieved, whilst requiring less raw material and primary energy, and generating fewer CO2 emissions.*

*Lukasik, J. Damtoft, J. S., Herfort, D., Sorrentino, D. & Gartner, E.M. (2007). Sustainable development and climate change initiatives, Proceedings of the 12th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement (ICCC). Montreal, Canada. 2007.